EPICUR: the European Partnership for an Innovative Campus Unifying Regions

EPICUR is a European university alliance. This alliance belongs to the first generation of 17 European alliances that are piloting a new way of intensifying collaboration between higher education institutions through the creation of a European university.    

The 9 member universities of the alliance are:  

Since November 2019, teams from the 8 founding universities of the alliance have been working together to develop, test and experiment with different approaches to make their vision of a new kind of interdisciplinary teaching and research environment a reality.  

This vision is being implemented through student-centered learning and collaborative teaching formats inspired by a liberal arts and sciences approach.  

Tandem learning is emphasized, as are research-based internships closely linked to our regional ecosystems.  

Multilingualism and the preservation and strengthening of European linguistic diversity are key issues of the alliance and are promoted through the creation and facilitation of new forms of mobility (physical, virtual, mixed) available within an EPICUR inter-university campus.   

In November 2022, the University of Southern Denmark joined the EPICUR alliance becoming the ninth member of the alliance.    

For more information, please visit the EPICUR alliance website: https://epicur.education

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